The ATHLETE project :

The ATHLETE project is a continuation of the European HELIX (Human Early Life Exposome) project in which some of you were invited to participate in Poitiers in 2014-2015. The questions that currently arise in environmental health research lead us to set up a new phase of follow-up in adolescence. This follow-up will be carried out within the framework of the ATHLETE project supported by the European Union, and involving the 205 EDEN children who participated in HELIX in Poitiers, among 1300 European children.

As a reminder, the aim of the HELIX project (and now of the ATHLETE project) is to try to understand how our environment and our behaviour (sometimes also called "exposures") influence our health from the first ages of life until adolescence. For example, the study looks at the risks associated with chemical pollutants in the environment, in food and in everyday consumer products, but also at the impact of water quality, air quality or outdoor noise.

The aim of this new stage is to characterise precisely the full extent of environmental exposures suffered by adolescents, and their consequences on their health (growth, respiratory health, neurodevelopment)
For more information, you can go directly to the project page by clicking here.

The iSCAN project :

The iSCAN project aims to assess the impact of screens on children's cardio-metabolic health, adiposity and neurodevelopment. In practice, you will be contacted shortly and we will invite children who wish to do so to fill in a questionnaire to estimate the type and degree of use of screens in their environment (e.g. games, streaming, messaging).

You can find all the details on our page specifically dedicated to the iSCAN project.