Le 20.06.2023

We are delighted to announce that the EDEN study is now featured in the catalog of databases and biobanks available within the FHU CHILD. You can access this comprehensive catalog by clicking here.

The objective of this catalog is to facilitate academic and industrial collaborations, both internally and externally, for FHU CHILD. By showcasing a wide range of databases and biobanks, including EDEN, we aim to promote the exchange of knowledge, expertise, and resources in the field of child health.

Inclusion in this catalog underscores the importance of the EDEN study in its contribution to scientific advancements and in promoting collaborations within the research community. It provides valuable information to researchers, both within FHU CHILD and beyond, about the resources available for their studies.

We encourage you to explore the catalog and discover the diversity of accessible databases and biobanks. This resource can serve as a platform for potential collaborations and the exchange of ideas, thereby fostering innovation and improving outcomes in child health.