Courtney Dow - MPH, PhD


Inserm - Villejuif


First trained in Physiology and Biology at Western University in Canada, Courtney Dow then spent a year teaching in the Czech Republic. She obtained a Master of Public Health from EHESP, with a master's thesis focused on the screening and outcomes of gestational diabetes. Her interests shifted to nutrition and metabolism during her doctoral studies, where she studied the dietary factors affecting type 2 diabetes and diabetic retinopathy. As a postdoctoral researcher, she currently works on three cohorts (EDEN, ELFE and EPIPAGE 2) investigating the relationship between maternal obesity, inflammation and child neurodevelopment. She also acts as a graduate teaching assistant and jury member for Master's students.

Research axis

- Child neurocognitive development
- Maternal lifestyle factors affecting inflammation in the child
- Role of pregnancy conditions mediating maternal obesity and child neurodevelopment