What is the iEDEN project?

The aim of the iEDEN project is to evaluate the impact of screen use on cardiometabolic health, adiposity and neurodevelopment in children and adolescents. To do this, the project will rely in part on the data already collected from the EDEN cohort as well as on questionnaires that will soon be offered to EDEN adolescents wishing to participate. In practice, short questionnaires (5-10 min) will be distributed via an application on which the adolescent can answer regularly. The application will also estimate the time spent using the phone and the type of activities and applications used on a daily basis (e.g. games, streaming, messaging).

The participation of EDEN teenagers in this project is crucial! It could allow scientists to better understand the use of screens by adolescents since childhood, their determinants (demographic, socio-economic, etc.) as well as their impacts on their physical and mental health.